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What would it be like if you could leave your car with a company where your car is treated with great care and passion, where you don’t have to worry about the safety of your valuable possession and where everything is done to achieve that ultimate end result? achieve what you want, no matter how big or small the service?

Ride & Shine is a specialized and service-oriented car detailing company, expert in cleaning, polishing, applying paint protection film (PPF) , Modesta glass coating and wrapping or customizing cars. As a proud car owner you are our guest with your car, and your precious possession is assured of a conditioned and safe environment where perfection can be worked on. Our motto is to unburden you, we do this by keeping many processes in-house and ensuring that when your car is ready, it is really ready.

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Ride & Shine scores an average of 4.9 based on 38 customer reviews

Harco Haandrikman
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Picked up our vw golf 8 r-line from Serge today after it was not treated well by another company. The result is really amazingly beautiful!! The modesta coating and the ppf wow 😀 Ride & Shine = people with expertise, passion and an eye for detail. Really recommended... Serge and Sakia and all who have taken care of our VW golf THANK YOU!!!
Remco Tilburg
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I would definitely recommend Ride & Shine to anyone who has a real love for his/her car and who would prefer to keep the car as good as new! With this company you don't have to doubt that they take good care of your car. My Audi S3 has really come out almost like new again, the car was full of swirls / scratches (previous owner often went through the scratch street) now really like new again very happy with it every time I wash the car by hand a smile from ear to ear.
J. Holten
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At the beginning of this year, we brought our brand new Tesla Model 3 Performance to Ride & Shine Detailing. We are very satisfied with the service of Ride & Shine Detailing. Real craftsmanship is delivered here and moreover we were very well advised and informed by Serge about all possible treatments. Great and gold-honest guy! We will definitely come back, also for cleaning supplies.
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Positive: Quality, Professionalism Just stop and keep looking for an address where your car is supposedly going to be coated, because what a mess is being offered in the market. Really shit that messes up your car with China coatings. Just go past Serge. And if there is anything? Then they are just there for you without murmuring. Becoming a customer is never difficult, staying a customer is another story. My car has been in the Modesta coating for over a year and a half now; like a mirror still! So, put that in your pocket.
Patrick van Merrienboer
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Have my car polished and treated with Modesta glass coating. Super quality and driven to achieve maximum results. Clear communication and great result.
Dominique Jäggi
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Serge is a top detailer with a warm heart and clean shop. Price-performance ratio is excellent. I had my Tesla Model S coated. I chose the detailer primarily due to him having done more than 200 Teslas and due to good peer reviews.
AMJ Weaver
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On the advice of a friend, we brought our 7 year old Kia Picanto to this beautiful company for an extensive wash and interior cleaning. Very friendly welcoming reception. The premises are very clean and the company also looks very professional. After 2 hours (!) of brushing etc., the Picanto now looks like new again! Every little detail of the car shines, as the name of the company also promises us. The car wash is now definitely a thing of the past for us!

High End Services

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Car Detailing
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Special Services

We offer exclusive card detailing. You can contact our car detailing company if you are the proud owner of an exclusive car, such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. But of course we treat every car from every segment. Cars should be well maintained and treated with the right attention. Only in this way do the cars retain their value. If you want to have your car treated by Ride & Shine, we will discuss the car detailing treatments with you. The detailed treatment is tailor-made, tailored to your wishes and what can be realized within our possibilities.

Complete car detailing | Ride & Shine

  • Distinctive in service, knowledge, quality and the end result
  • High End Car Detailing workshop: a safe environment for your car
  • Various card detailing services
  • Tailor-made car detailing treatment
  • Ride & Shine Webshop: maintenance products
  • Washing area with professional high-pressure installation and products
  • Worldwide service
  • Specialized and service-oriented car detailing company
Would you like to use the high-end services of Ride & Shine? Then get in touch with our car detailing company. We would like to invite you to make an appointment. While enjoying a good cup of coffee, we will discuss the exclusive options for your car.

What is car detailing?

Cardetailing is all about the details of your car. As a car detailing company, we are specialists in car care. We bring the details of exclusive cars back to life. Detailing is the meticulous restoration of the shine and reflection of the car paint. The paint of your car also gets the best possible protection.

Detailing your car

Car detailing therefore pays attention to the details of your car. Many things are skipped during a car wash or normal wash. In addition: incorrect washing can cause a lot of damage to the paint. There are many imperfections that can accrue on and in your car, such as: scratches, swirls, holograms, stains and drying out. By detailing the car you tackle the problems at the source.

Polish your car

By cardetailing services we also mean the polishing of cars. Polishing your car literally and figuratively removes scratches, swirls and holograms from the paint. How do we do this? With a polishing machine we restore the clear coat by achieving the highest and safest possible result with as little damage as possible to the thickness of the clear coat. For protection, we provide the paint with a glass coating or PPF. Your car is like new again with a mirror-smooth and shiny appearance.

Car detailing services

You can confidently leave the care of your exclusive car to the experts at Ride & Shine. We take care of the complete car detailing for you. We offer the following card detailing services:

  • Luxurious hand wash:

    The safest way to hand wash your car. Your car is cared for with the highest quality pH-neutral shampoo and cleaning products.

  • Prestige detail:

    During this treatment we use all our possibilities to make your car as beautiful as possible again. With the name prestige detail is meant: really putting in a performance.

  • New car detail:

    The first detail treatment for your new car. You can choose to have the new car properly treated, from head to toe, before delivery. The new car detail treatment is ideal for immediately applying a paint coating. This coating protects your car for several years.

  • Day treatment:

    This treatment will refresh the paint of your car and bring the shine back to a high level. High-quality wax is applied instead of a paint correction. It gives protection for about 6 months.

  • Interior detail:

    We clean the entire interior of your car. From the fabric upholstery and windows to the plastic and leather. An extensive interior detail treatment can sometimes take up to a day. Depending on what needs to be done.

Paint protection film PPF

PPF stands for paint protection film. Suntek or STEK PPF is an optically clear self-adhesive film with an innovative self-healing top layer, specially developed to protect the paintwork of vehicles. We at Ride & Shine are one of the few companies in the Netherlands and Europe that has further developed the installation of paint protection film (PPF) into an art and can apply it to perfection.

Request free advice about car detailing

You are most welcome with your exclusive car at Ride & Shine, a specialized and service-oriented car detailing company. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment for a consultation. We can be reached by phone at 06 22 80 74 13 . You can also give us a send us an e-mail or fill in our contact form. Would you first like to receive more information or do you have any questions? Then get in touch with us and let them know.

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