Your car gets washed thoroughly. It gets sprayed with a pressure washer and the wheels and tires gets cleaned. Subsequently, the car gets cleaned with a chemical cleaning device to remove metal particles and industrial pollution from the paintwork.

The  car gets sprayed again and hereafter I wash it with a high quality and pH neutral shampoo, even the wheel arches get their turn. The insides of the doors get cleaned as well, including hinges etc.

Now you’ll probably think: the car is clean. But this is not true. The car is now ready to be cleaned more deeply with clay. With  this clay, I clean the paintwork exhaustively and the car will feel super smooth afterwards, because all tar spatters and spots from flies and vermin are gone.

After the clay job, the car gets washed again and dried with a special drying cloth. After this, depending on what treatment is agreed on, it’s time to check the paintwork for swirls (scratches that are mainly caused by car wash) and other defects.

The polishing job I do mostly mechanically and some parts manually. Most of the time, in the case of a new car, two polishing jobs are enough. However, sometimes more are necessary, depending on the defects of the paintwork. The claying and polishing together make up for 80% of the final result, so they should be done carefully.

Now that the paintwork is completely clean and open, it’s time to supplement the oils that the car has lost over time and to create a show car shine. For this purpose, I use a high quality glaze that has to cure for a while, in order to polish it rightly afterwards. It is important to protect the paintwork better than before with a wax. There are two options: a synthetic wax (sealant) or a natural wax (carnauba). A sealant lasts longer (a good choice for winter), but a carnauba wax shines more. The wax also needs to cure. When this last layer is rubbed, I treat the paintwork once again, this time with a highly water repellent and super shiny layer, to give the car a massive wet look. The tires are provided with a protective layer that gives them a nice shine and make them look new again. The rims get a sealant layer to protect them better against dirt and break abrasion. Do you want an even better protection? Go for a ceramic coating, like Modesta’s. Check the Modesta Coatings page for all available options.