Your car will be thoroughly washed. After spraying with the high-pressure cleaner and cleaning the rims and tires, the car is cleaned with a chemical cleaner to remove metal particles and industrial pollution from the paint. After the car has been sprayed, it is washed with a high-quality pH neutral shampoo, the wheel arches are not forgotten either. The insides of the doors are cleaned, also the hinges etc. Now you must be thinking: the car is clean. But nothing is less true. He is now ready to tackle the deeper contamination with clay. With this clay I thoroughly clean the paint and the car will feel super smooth because all tar splatters, flies and vermin stains have been removed. After claying, the car is washed again and dried well with a special drying cloth. Now, depending on which treatment has been chosen, it is time to inspect the paintwork for swirls (scratches mainly caused by a car wash) and other paint defects. Polishing is generally done by machine and some parts by hand. Usually I am fine with polishing twice on new cars, but sometimes I have to do it several times, depending on the paint defects and the finishing thereof. Claying and polishing together make up 80% of the result and must be done carefully. Now that the paint is all clean and open, it’s time to replenish the lost oils and create a showcar shine. For this I use a high-quality glaze which has to cure (withdraw) for quite some time before polishing it well. Now it is important to protect the paint even better with a wax. You can choose between a synthetic wax (sealant) or a natural wax (carnauba). A sealant lasts longer (handy for the winter) and a carnauba wax gives more shine. This also has to cure (withdraw) when this last layer has been rubbed out, then I treat the paint one more time with a very water-repellent and super-glossy layer for an enormous wet look of the car. The tires are provided with a protective layer that also gives them a nice shine and makes them look new. The rims also get a sealant layer to better protect them against dirt and brake dust. Do you want even better protection? Then opt for a ceramic coating, such as that of Modesta. View the options for this on the ‘Coating’ page. The windows are also neatly cleaned and the plastic fed to prevent drying out and discolouration. The end result is a car with an incredible shine.