Your interior is as important as the car’s outside. Whether you use your car every day or only occasionally: a dirty interior is never a pleasure.

First of all, the whole interior of your car gets thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned of dust. After this, everything is cleaned with a moist cloth and provided with a protective layer which doesn’t shine, but gives your interior a natural look.

The windows get cleaned exhaustively and can eventually be treated against misting, which is very handy, especially in winter. Furthermore, dirty spots on the upholstery or ceiling can be removed.

Cigarette, dog or dirt smells can be annoying experiences when driving your car, especially when these are caused by the previous owner of the car. A suitable solution for these smells would be the ozone treatment. This treatment features an ozone device that is put in your car for at least 8 hours. The device radiates ozone particles that demolish all organic pollution in your car, such as fungi and bacteria. Even if you recently bought a used car that doesn’t contain a distinctive smell, an ozone treatment is still recommended. This assures you that all bacteria, fungi and other dirt that has gotten into the car over the years, is demolished.

After the ozone treatment, your car’s interior is clean and fresh up to micro level. To maximize the effect of the ozone treatment, it is recommended to combine it with a full interior treatment. This treatment features a thorough cleaning of your interior with the spray extraction method, which already removes most of the dirt from the upholstery. Subsequently, possible leftovers get demolished by the ozone.

Does your car have a leather interior? This can get a matt treatment, giving your seats back their fresh and clean look. The treatment spreads out a leather smell which makes your car feel as new. With a leather interior, the outer sides of the seats often start showing bare spots or scratches over time. This damage can be undone and the color can be recovered.