Prestige Detail

Does your car really need a thorough paint correction, because there are lots of visible scratches? By applying a careful but intensive polishing treatment of at least two steps, I can achieve a remarkable result. Swirls are reduced by 75 to 95%, scratches by 75 to 85% and gloss is corrected by 100%.

With this treatment, it’s possible to choose for a paint coating instead of wax as final protection measure. The coating will be applied at an additional charge.

Treatment plan

  • Pre-cleaning in multiple steps
  • Hand washing with pH-neutral shampoo
  • Door frame cleaning
  • Rim and wheel arch cleaning with safe wheel brushes and cleaners
  • Caliper cleaning
  • Drying with extremely soft towels
  • Air drying
  • Clay drying
  • At least 2-step polishing treatment
  • Optional: cleaning and polishing chrome frames and parts
  • Optional: cleaning and protecting plastic parts
  • Application of high grade wax or paint coating
  • Application of high grade wax or coating at the calipers*
  • Application of high grade wax or coating at the rims*
  • Inside and outside window cleaning
  • Application of water-repellent window coating
  • Satin black tire dressing

* Should you choose a paint coating, an additional charge, dependent on the size of your car, is applicable.