Rim repair

What could be more disturbing than that annoying rim-rim damage if your car otherwise looks completely neat. We can repair this neatly for you.

It is also possible to restore a complete set of wheels or to spray them in a different color. Your rims will look like new again. In order to determine a price, we always have to assess the rim and the damage.

Rims with polished edges can be restored by the latest techniques which can be found here.

The Machine can run with such precision that there is minimal rim reduction down to 0.1mm where competitors often have to cut a lot across the entire spoke

Curb damage of the rim is written out of the rim in the software by contour adjustment.

The rim is turned wet (factory original effect)

We also offer the possibility to spray paint your brake calipers in any color of your choice. This is also possible including the type designation sprayed under the clear coat.