Signature Detail

It’s all in the name: this is the signature detail of Ride & Shine featuring unparalleled results. Your car will undergo a treatment that is regarded very highly in the Netherlands as well as the rest of Europe. Many of my guests from all over the world have chosen this treatment before.

If you want the very best in the field of High End Car Detailing, this treatment is all-embracing. The entire process will be discussed with you and will be tailored to your car specifically. You can set the bar high: I expect nothing less.

Treatment plan

  • Pre-cleaning in multiple steps
  • Hand washing with pH-neutral shampoo
  • Optional: convertible roof cleaning and impregnation
  • Door frame cleaning
  • Cleaning the underside of the car
  • Engine compartment cleaning
  • Rim and wheel arch cleaning with safe wheel brushes and cleaners
  • Caliper cleaning
  • Drying with extremely soft towels
  • Air drying
  • Clay drying
  • Dent removal without repainting
  • At least 6-step polishing treatment
  • Reducing “Orange Peel” (orange-like structure in the paint)
  • Optional: cleaning and polishing chrome frames and parts
  • Stone chippings treatment
  • Optional: cleaning and protecting plastic parts
  • Application of a Mayvinci Glass Coating (two layers)
  • Application of a Mayvinci WheelGuard Coating at the calipers
  • Application of a Mayvinci WheelGuard Coating at the rims
  • Inside and outside window cleaning
  • Application of water-repellent window coating (lasts 25,000 km)
  • Satin black tire dressing
  • Comprehensive interior detail
  • Deep cleaning and protection of leather parts