New Car Detail

It’s finally here: the car you’ve carefully selected and perhaps been waiting for. It often happens that the delivery of your new car is not as you would have liked it. Due to transport, storage or incorrect polishing, it is possible that your car is not free of defects in terms of paint conditions.

Why not choose to have the car properly treated by me before delivery, on a level as it should be. I’ll take care of everything for you and contact the dealer to agree on what should and shouldn’t be done to the car before I get into the detail.

This New-Car Detail is ideal for immediately applying a paint coating that protects the car for several years. Hereby< em> detail< /em> I treat every cm of the car and your rims are also removed from the car to be able to treat it as ultimate as possible.

Treat plan

  • Removing any protective foils and adhesive strips from the interior and exterior
  • Pre-cleaning the car in multiple steps
  • Hand wash with pH neutral shampoo
  • Cleaning door rebates
  • Cleaning rims and wheel arches with safe wheel brushes and cleaners
  • Cleaning brake calipers
  • Dry with extremely soft drying towels
  • Drying with air
  • Cleaning with clay
  • 1-step polishing treatment
  • Cleaning and polishing any chrome frames and parts
  • Clean and protect plastic if necessary
  • Applying a high-quality wax or lacquer coating*
  • Applying a high-quality wax or coating to the brake calipers
  • Applying a high-quality wax or coating to the rims
  • Cleaning windows on the inside and outside
  • Windows with a water-repellent coating
  • Tires with satin black dressing
  • Interior is vacuumed and cleaned
* If you opt for a paint coating, an additional cost may be charged, depending on the size of the car.