New Car Detail

Finally she’s there: the car you have selected thoughtfully and maybe have been waiting for for a while. Unfortunately, sometimes the delivery of your car does not meet your expectations. Your car might not be free of paint defects because of transport, storage or incorrect polishing.

Why wouldn’t you choose to let me treat your car before delivery? I’ll take care of the entire process and will contact your car dealer to agree on what actions should be performed.

With this New Car Detail, you give your new car the paint protection it deserves, which will shield your car for several years. With this detail, I’ll cover every inch of your car: even your rims will be taken off and treated separately.

Treatment plan

  • Removal of protective film and adhesive strips (in- and exterior)
  • Pre-cleaning in multiple steps
  • Hand washing with pH-neutral shampoo
  • Door frame cleaning
  • Rim and wheel arch cleaning with safe wheel brushes and cleaners
  • Caliper cleaning
  • Drying with extremely soft towels
  • Air drying
  • Clay drying
  • 1-step polishing treatment
  • Optional: cleaning and polishing chrome frames and parts
  • Optional: cleaning and protecting plastic parts
  • Application of high grade wax or paint coating*
  • Application of high grade wax or coating at the calipers
  • Application of high grade wax or coating at the rims
  • Inside and outside window cleaning
  • Application of water-repellent window coating
  • Satin black tire dressing
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the interior

* Should you choose a paint coating, then the total cost will depend on the size of the car. Please review the Mayvinci price list for new cars.