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If you are looking for a top installation of paint protection film, then you have come to the right place.
Ride & Shine, together with Presto Dimensions, is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands and Europe that has turned the application of PPF into a true art.
Together we stand for quality and apply the principle ready when the car is ready and not before.

STEK PPF is an optically clear self-adhesive film with an innovative self-healing top layer, specially developed to protect the paintwork of vehicles. Thanks to its excellent impact-proof properties, it protects your car paint against stone chips, insects, bird droppings and opening car doors. In addition, the film offers protection against vandals who are after your car paint. Superficial scratches in the film can be easily repaired by pouring the film over with warm water or treating it with a hair dryer. Sometimes the hot summer sun is more than enough to repair the light scratches.
  • Extra Endurance
    Extra Protection
    The car paint remains beautiful and in new condition for longer and is protected against stone chips, salt, insects and other road waste.
  • Self-Healing
    The foil will recover easily by heat from the sun, warm water or a hair dryer. Please note that if the foil is brushed roughly by, for example, a car wash or washing broom, scratches may arise which have been pressed through the self-healing layer and cannot be repaired.
  • Great Looks
    Looks fantastic
    Paint Protection Film is available in a matte and high gloss finish. Due to our installation technique, the ultra clear clear foil will hardly be visible on the car.
  • Warranty
    The STEK foil has a 10-year warranty from the date of purchase on discoloration (turning yellow), bubbles or other defects due to production errors
  • Installation
    STEK dealers have access to special software to make sure it fits and fits perfectly on every part of the car where it can be installed.

Questions about Paint protection Film?

Can I wax Stek Paint Protection Film Matte?

Some waxes add a level of shine to matte PPF. However, there are waxes on the market specifically for matte finishes. We recommend waxing or a coating for extra protection.

Can I wash my car with a pressure washer with cutting Paint Protection Film?

It is best to wait 2 weeks before washing your car.
Although hand washing is preferred, you can use a high pressure, but be careful around edges as the high pressure can lift the edge.

Can "coatings" be applied to Stek Paint Protection Film?

Ceramic coatings are approved for use with our PPF when applied over the surface of the product.
Ceramic coatings provide an additional barrier to the ingress of solvents and water without adversely affecting the performance or self-healing of our protective film.
This application does not void your warranty.

If there is a stain that won't wash off with hand washing, what should I do?

If a stain does not wash off with a regular car wash, you can apply isopropanol alcohol to a microfiber cloth and clean the stain, if that doesn’t work, you can use a small amount of thinner. If the stain remains, we recommend using a mildly abrasive wax and buffing the surface of the film to restore its original appearance.
Polishing the film is a great way to remove contaminants from the surface, but this process should be limited to as needed or once every 12-18 months.
Ask us which products are applicable or inquire about our PPF maintenance.

How does self-healing work?

STEK Paint Protection Film contains a patented top layer.
This top layer protects the urethane from scratching the surface.
Most surface scratches will heal on their own when exposed to heat – sun, hot panel (motor running), hot water, etc.
We can demonstrate this if you wish by making light scratches and repairing them on a test panel.

Does STEK paint protection film turn yellow?

STEK Paint Protection Film is protected against yellowing.
Our top coat protects the paint protection film from harmful solvents in gas, oil, bird droppings, car exhaust, etc. Which can be included in the film and discolor.
<h3> Will the paint fade differently with and without SunTek Paint Protection Film?< /h3>
No, The area protected with STEK Paint Protection Film will fade to the same extent as the unprotected area.

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