Prestige Detail

The name says it all, we really try to deliver an achievement to make your car as beautiful as possible again within our possibilities. To achieve this, we work according to a fixed procedure before we start working on your car. Often the first contact is by email or telephone, you approach us with the question what we can do for your car. We often get the question, I have a (brand) car and I want to have it coated, what does that cost? This is an understandable question, but every car is different because is it a small car, a middle class or a very large one? And is your car brand new directly from the dealer or was it used young or an oldtimer? In the case of a used car, is it a car that has been through the car wash or maybe it was washed incorrectly by the previous owner or you? And how many km are on the odometer? What color paint does the car have and is it a metallic or uni paint? All these questions influence the treatment we have to perform. Because of these questions, we invite everyone to come by by car. As soon as we have the car with us, we can assess the car with various types of light and show it to you right away. This way we can make a tailor-made quote without obligation with all the options we can do for your car. In short, everything is custom-made and has no fixed prices. This is with new deliverables different here knowing through experience of what to expect. Here we can give you a quote by email. We can also give you a quote for the installation of our PPF packages . The steps are again listed below:

Treat plan

  • Contact by email or phone
  • Quotation via email can be issued for a new car.
  • We invite you for an assessment of the car.
  • During the assessment, we walk along the car together and discuss the options.
  • We can take care of everything in the field of damage repair, paint corrections and protection.
  • You will receive a specified quote via email to treat your car.
  • You will be given full scope to ask questions if things are not clear
  • Any adjustments are made in the quotation and sent again.
  • In the event of an agreement, we will discuss the possible date that the car can be delivered to us.
  • If everything is in agreement, we ask for a deposit of € 250.00 ex VAT, unfortunately this has to be done nowadays to prevent no show
  • We put everything in the agenda and now we just have to wait for the day that we can start treating your car.
  • On the day of the appointment you can bring the car at 9:00 am or at the pre-arranged time.
  • When you bring the car, we walk around the car together again to see if there are any further details that we should pay attention to.
  • If you bring the car in quite dirty and it is not possible to carry out a proper check, we will fill this in on our intake form, which you will also receive a copy of.
  • It is possible that for whatever reason we have overlooked something, if this is the case, we will contact you immediately to report this.
  • During the treatment we can estimate fairly quickly when the car is ready, we will let you know as soon as possible.
  • If no further details or additional assignments are added, the price of the quotation is always a fixed price.
  • We will send the invoice by email a day before you pick up the car, you can preferably transfer this via the bank or if you collect the car via pin.
  • You can pick up the car on the agreed day and time