High End Detailing

What is it that serge does?

At each treatment of Ride & Shine Detailing, only the result counts. The Netherlands counts many “detailing companies”, but there is only one company which keeps on raising the bar and is distinctive in service, knowledge, quality and end result.

In our High End workshop, we enjoy facilities you can only find at Ride & Shine Detailing. Everything has been carefully thought out and no expense has been spared to provide your car with the secure environment that it deserves. Our washing room is equipped with a professional high pressure system where we work with lime-free water at the exact right temperature to clean your car. The waste water is collected in a special environment, so that only clean water flows into the sewer.

Once we’ve completed all cleaning steps, we carefully place your car in one of our two detailing workplaces. We’ve taken into account possible low car floors, by using chemically anchored and qualitatively perfect car bridges which can safely lift up every car.

washed carWith the various detailing treatments we offer, we now not only operate in the Netherlands but welcome guests with their cars from all over Europe. By combining our expertise, materials and the products we work with, we achieve unparalleled results often unmet by other detailing companies. Even in Dubai there are cars driving around which have been treated by us.

It is possible to service your car anywhere you want, as long as we have a suitable workspace where we can guarantee the quality that we get in our own workshop. Read more about the European and Worldwide Service.

Our detailing treatments are unique for each car and tailored to your specific needs. Each car is different and every owner has different requirements, so we take time to listen to you and be open to your wishes.

Unburdening you with our wide selection of services

In addition to our cleaning and detailing treatments, we offer a variety of services including complete car body repair and (re)spraying. We can also repair rims and repair dents without spraying, and can even repair major car body damage. We work for any insurance company.

Do you want to protect your car with a BodyFence chippings film, in order to ensure that your car paint cannot be damaged? It’s all possible, we are an authorized installer of this type of extreme paint protection.

Wrapping your car in another color or maybe add few touches to the car to give it a sporty look? We’re hapy to advise you in this.

backside of a PorscheHave you found a new car? It’s important that it is both motorically and technically in good condition. The paint condition, however, is often forgotten. I can advise you in this matter and find out if the paint has, for example, been restored often previously. It’s possible to receive a complete report after a thorough paint inspection.

Not only when buying a used car, but also when purchasing a new car you’ll want to know that everything is in order. Ride & Shine can provide a full detailing treatment for a new car.

In the end

Tesla car with open doorsAfter each of our treatment, a result is finally obtained by patience, dedication and passion for the car. We offer you the possibility to capture this process by a photographer, who will take pictures of the most stunning details of your car. We can also provide complete photoshoots in the workshop or on-site.

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