High End Detailing

What does Serge actually do?

Every treatment at Ride & Shine Detailing is one where only the result counts. The Netherlands now has many “detail companies”, but there is only one company that raises the bar every time and is distinctive in service, knowledge, quality and the end result. In our High End workshop we can enjoy all the facilities as you will only find them at Ride & Shine Detailing. Everything has been carefully thought out and no expense has been spared to give your car the safe environment it deserves. Our washing area is equipped with a professional high-pressure installation where we work with lime-free water and clean your car at the exact right temperature. The waste water is neatly collected, so that only clean water flows into the sewer. As soon as we have gone through all the steps of a good cleaning, we can clean your car Carefully place in one of our two Detailing workplaces, where a possible low car has been taken into account by placing chemically anchored and qualitatively perfect and very low car bridges that can safely lift any car. With the various Detail treatments that can be offered, we now not only serve the Netherlands, but we receive our guests from all over Europe with their car. Due to the expertise in our material and the products we work with, we often achieve unparalleled results that are not achieved by many companies.car washed at detailing workplace Even in Dubai there are cars driving around which have been treated by us. With our worldwide service it is possible to have your car treated wherever you want, provided we have a suitable workspace where we can guarantee the quality that we also achieve in our own workshop. Our Detail treatments are not fixed methods but are discussed with you and fully customized to your wishes. Every car is different and not every owner wants the same for his or her car, which is why we take the time, listen to you and are open to your wishes.

Unburden you through our wide range of services

In addition to our cleaning and paint treatments, you have come to the right place for many more services such as complete damage repair and spraying so that we can unburden you in, for example, wheel repair and dent removal without spraying , but you are also welcome for larger damage. We work for every insurance company. Do you want to have your car protected with a stone chip film to make sure that that special paint is not damaged, it’s all possible, we are a recognized installer of this form of extreme paint protection. Have your car wrapped in a different color or maybe add a few accents to the car to give it that sporty look, we are happy to advise you on this. If you are looking for a car and you have found it, it is important that the car is mechanically and technically in order. What is often forgotten is the condition of the paint, is it badly damaged by scratches and damage or has a lot of repair work already been done by spraying. back of your PorscheIt is possible to have a complete report provided by us by having an extensive paint inspection done. But also with a new car, which are sometimes as expensive as a small house, it is important to know whether everything is really as it should be.

In the end

At the end of our treatments or services, there is a result that is ultimately achieved through a lot of patience, commitment and passion for the car. We give you the opportunity to have this recorded by our photographer who can capture your precious possession in detail on the sensitive plate. We can also take care of complete photo shoots on location or at our company.