car polishing

Polishing a car means returning the paint to the highest possible scratch-free result without spraying. If cars are completely covered with scratches, people often want to have cars repainted. However, that is not always necessary. If there is no damage, a detailing company such as Ride & Shine can restore the car paint to an almost new condition.

How do we polish a car? We literally and figuratively remove scratches, swirls and other imperfections from the paint. Does your car no longer have shine or do you see a lot of spider web scratches, also called swirls, in the sun? Then have your car polished by Ride & Shine Car Detailing . The end result will amaze you: your car is like new again with a mirror-smooth and shiny appearance.

Why have your car polished by Ride & Shine?

  • Best quality service
  • One stop shop for coating, rims and detailing
  • Endless possibilities and excellent service
  • Including paint seal
  • Best brands of materials and equipment

The step-by-step plan for a complete polishing of a car

Completely polishing a car is a process that takes a lot of time and attention. After all: we use the highest quality products and materials such as pads and a polishing machine. Not knowing how to use this equipment can seriously damage your car’s paintwork.

As mentioned, we literally remove the small scratches from the paint. We don’t fill anything. Here we approach the clear coat with different polishing steps . This removes a small amount of clear coat. But we always do that in a safe and least deleterious way.

With or without polisher

We polish off the clear coat by means of a polishing machine. However, if the situation calls for it, for example on hard-to-reach parts on the car, we polish these without a machine. After all, with our hands we reach places that we cannot reach with the polishing machine. All our employees are trained within our company. And they are also regularly taught about the various new developments in the detailing world.

After polishing, the car paint must be provided with appropriate paint protection . Such as a glass coating or, if possible, a paint protection film (PPF). Thus, the result will remain sealed for a long time.

Oranje Porsche 911R wordt behandeld gepolijst voor glascoating auto en ppf

What are the costs for car polishing?

By having your car completely polished instead of having it sprayed, you will save a lot of money. Also because after spraying the car often still needs to be polished. This is because bodyshops often cannot do a neat job of polishing, because that is not their core task. So always have your car polished by a specialized detailing company.

The cost of polishing is highly dependent on the condition of the paint. We can only assess this if we have seen and assessed the car. Always make an appointment for this. Then we can advise you what is possible and give you a correct quote.

“We only work by appointment and treat your car exclusively. That way, your vehicle gets the full attention it deserves.”

Polishing car windows

By fully polishing your car we also mean your windows. Polishing your car windows is done in the same way, so also a machine or pads as a polishing agent. Polishing glass is more difficult than polishing paint. This is because the glass can break if the temperature is too high. As a car detailing specialist, we know how to polish your car windows as best as possible to achieve the best result.

Small scratches can occur on your car window, for example by stones or branches. By polishing the car windows, we try to remove the small scratches as much as possible. With the machine or pads we sand off a very fine layer of the surface. This is done so finely and controlled that you end up with a surface that looks perfectly flat, smooth and flat. During polishing we remove about as much material as the depth of the scratch.

Sand your car completely

In addition to polishing cars, we can also completely sand cars. The orange peel (an orange skin created after damage repair) is reduced by means of sanding. This service is a time consuming treatment. Thanks to various sanding techniques, we make the clear coat as smooth as possible. We then polish the paint completely scratch-free.

The end result is often unparalleled. The reflection and shine are even higher than with “normal” polishing. The costs depend on the type and size of the car.

High end car detailing and damage repair

As a high-end detailing company, Ride & Shine specializes in cleaning, polishing, glass coating and wrapping cars. We also offer damage repair service. And you can also contact us for special services such as PPF paint protection film and window tints .

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