Coating cars: Go for it or pass on it?

Are you considering coating your car to protect the paint? You will certainly hear people talk about it: “I had my car coated and this works great!” But what does such a coating actually do and what can and cannot be expected from it? We are happy to explain it to you here, so that you can make an informed choice about coating your car , or not. At Ride & Shine High End Car Detailing we offer various products that offer your car a high level of protection.

“Ride & Shine high-end car detailing makes scratches and dullness a thing of the past”

What is car coating?

Car coating is a thin layer that is applied over your car paint. A coating offers some protection against the development of scratches, or swirls, that arise from use of the car. You can compare such a coating with a colorless paint, a glass coating, which protects the paint of your car. There are various types of brands to coat the car, but we always work with Modesta Glass Coatings .

We have been working with Modesta Glass Coatings for years and because we experience the proven results of this every day in our company, we let you drive away with peace of mind in a fully protected car .

Groene Porsche 911 met een auto coating

Why coat your car?

By coating your car you benefit from many advantages, including that the car gets dirty less quickly. This is due to the dirt- repellent effect of the coating, which saves you washing, because the car is cleaned longer and faster . Many companies sell a coating as a “vandal-proof” product that only requires a little spraying. However, that is not the case. If you choose to coat your car, you should realize that the coating simply needs regular maintenance in the form of hand washing with the right materials and maintenance products.

What can you expect from the coating?

  • Easier and faster washing
  • Very high gloss and reflection of the paint
  • Better protection against tree sap and insect remains
  • Rims are protected up to 1300 degrees of brake dust, which prevents them from burning in
  • Car windows with a coating stay clean longer on the outside, which means better visibility.
  • Fewer scratches (it is not that the car can no longer scratch)
  • The car stays clean longer due to the self-cleaning effect
  • Long service life with good maintenance at least 3 to 5 years
  • Plastic parts become like new and are protected against discoloration for years.

Properties Glass Coating

The big difference with the paint protection of the past, such as wax or the well-known nano or ceramic coatings, is that today’s glass coatings from Modesta are inorganic . An important cause of paint damage, such as loss of gloss and dullness, is oxidation. This process can be slowed down by isolating the paint surface from the air.

While this can be achieved with conventional coatings and waxes, the oils and greases in such materials can easily oxidize and attack anything they come into contact with. Once oxidized, they can often accelerate paint deterioration rather than protect it.

The inorganic property of the Modesta glass coating makes it:

  • completely resistant to oxidation and therefore more suitable for protecting paintwork;
  • the hard physical seal also prevents the paint from coming into contact with the air and makes the paint more scratch resistant ;
  • In addition, the Modesta glass coating is very sleek and neatly finished , because you cannot see it.

Frequently Asked Questions Modesta Glass Coating

Yes, that can still happen but less quickly. Do you see bird droppings on the car? Then remove it from the paint as soon as possible by rinsing with plenty of water and gently wiping it off with a clean microfiber cloth.

No absolutely not. Only PPF even protects against stone chips.

Yes, just make sure that the water is osmosis water or lime-free water. All coatings are sensitive to limescale and if the water dries on the paint it can cause water spots. We always recommend that you simply wash and spray the car and then dry it with a cloth if you wash with normal tap water.

Rims are like a centrifuge that makes dirt spin hard, so a rim coating always wears harder than the coating on the paint. Assume it will be there for at least 1.5 years, but with regular cleaning it will be significantly longer.

No absolutely not. A glass coating is absolutely safe and can never obstruct your view.

We recommend at least once a month with a good shampoo and if necessary due to serious pollution to do this once more. Every week is not necessary, but is allowed for the avid handwashers. Always apply the Modesta M2 blast maintenance spray after washing.

Yes, but to a limited extent. Scratches can occur when using a car wash or the wrong hand washing method.

This depends on your maintenance. If you wash by hand at least once a month, this is at least 3 years. But this can also go up to 5 years and longer if it concerns a car that is not used daily.

This depends on how much the wipers are used and how dirty the car window is. The car windows on the back and sides will be protected for years, but the coating on the windscreen will last approximately 12,000 km.

Oranje Porsche 911R wordt behandeld gepolijst voor glascoating auto en ppf

Coating new and used cars

In order to apply a coating to the paint, it must be returned to an absolutely healthy initial value, which is often even better than ex-factory. We achieve this by various cleaning steps and polishing the paint to a scratch-free and high-gloss finish. This will often be less work on a new car than on a used car.

Even new cars delivered directly from the dealer, can be quite scratched by inexperienced cleaners, who often take care of the deliveries. The preliminary stage just mentioned up to the final application of the glass coating largely determines the durability of the paint seal.

How long does it take to apply a coating?

Applying a Modesta coating is done accurately and therefore takes quite some time. Coating the car is always done completely by hand . After application, we dry the glass coating with infrared heat lamps and the car will have to stay inside for another 24 hours and not be touched again. Your car will therefore be stored with us (secured) for about 4 to 5 days. Of course we can plan the appointment for the car coating as ideally as possible for you.

The entire process is professional work that, if performed incorrectly, can even cause permanent damage to the paintwork. Because of this, it is not advisable to do this yourself, provided you have the right knowledge.

Oranje met zwarte Bugatti Veyron wordt de auto coating uitgehard met infrarood lampen

Is my car always scratch-free?

We are often asked whether the paint can no longer be scratched. No, they can still arise. Unfortunately, this cannot be completely prevented with any coating. Then you should really opt for a paint protection film (PPF) , but it is certainly true that the coating makes the paint more scratch-resistant .

Rode Ferrari 458 wordt gewassen in wasbox als voorbereiding voor coating

Glass coating maintenance measures

Most scratches are caused by a car wash or incorrect hand washing . A car wash significantly reduces the life of the coating (up to 50%), so we always advise against having your car cleaned through the car wash.

Hand washing with the right materials and products will give you years of enjoyment from the glass coating and make your investment in this paint treatment completely worth it. We will advise you on the hand washing products to use.

“There is always a suitable coating for protecting your car paint according to your wishes. Feel free to ask about the possibilities!”

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