Corona: what measures do we take?

Our workshop is open normally for the time being; we can serve you as usual. However, a workshop visit is only possible by appointment. With this we try to spread visits as much as possible for your and our safety. A visit can only take place if you come alone, several people are not allowed.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, we closely follow the guidelines of the RIVM. We take the necessary measures for your and our safety. Of course, we ensure a minimal risk within our company by keeping a distance and carefully complying with the hygiene rules. In addition, we wear protective clothing and gloves, all equipment and areas in our company are cleaned extra. When we work on your car, protective covers for seats, gear lever and steering wheel are used. After a treatment, every car also receives an intensive ozone treatment before it is delivered, which neutralizes every bacteria in the car.

The following measures also apply:

  • do you have a cold or do you show cold complaints, do not come to us but stay home, if it turns out that you do show complaints, we kindly ask you to come back another time and leave at that time.
  • Our employees prefer not to sit next to you in the car. Because of this we cannot take you to public transport or pick you up.
    Will a car be delivered to your home? Then we use various available protective equipment. Our employee will greet you contactless and keep an appropriate distance. Any explanation/explanation about the car is done next to the car.
  • We have increased the cleaning frequency within our company.
  • Our workshop is temporarily closed on Saturdays, the other opening hours will remain unchanged for the time being.

Would you rather not come to us? That's no problem.

We can also be of service to you remotely in many ways.
  • Of course you can contact us by mail ( ) and by telephone (06-22807413) with all your questions about our services that are possible for your car.
  • If you have damage to your car, take several good photos and we can make a damage repair quote based on this.
  • Would you like a quote for treating your car such as cleaning, polishing or protecting your car with a coating or paint protection film? Take good photos of your car as much as possible of the paint and we will make a quote with a target price. This means that if the car is with us, we will review it and possibly charge a surcharge for highly deviating paint conditions. It is also possible that we adjust the quote downwards. This will always take place in advance and everything in consultation, you will never be faced with surprises
  • Is it time for a wash or treatment of your car and do you prefer not to come to us due to the current situation? Even then, one of our employees can, in consultation, pick up and return your car. We always observe the extra hygiene measures.
  • Is your treated car delivered, but you prefer not to come to us? Even then, in consultation, we can deliver your car to your home.
We keep a close eye on the RIVM guidelines and act carefully on them. We always reserve the right to change these rules, which may vary from day to day.