About Ride & Shine Detailing

I’m Serge Langendoen from Ride & Shine High End Car Detailing. Ride & Shine is a specialized and service-oriented detailing company, expert in cleaning, polishing, applying paint protection film (PPF), coating and waxing cars. As a proud car owner you are my guest with your car, and your precious possession is assured of a conditioned and safe environment where perfection can be worked on.

In the field of car detailing, a leading foundation has been laid within Europe and even worldwide Ride & Shine is found by many car owners.
The installation of Paint Protection Film in particular has not gone unnoticed.
The way of applying this protection to the cars has been refined down to the last detail and the end results are astonishing in finish and quality.

When you call Ride & Shine Detailing you call Serge Langendoen, there is no receptionist or head workshop. The reason is simple I am a perfectionist and only want to achieve the highest and best possible result. You should not give this up. I work by appointment and treat your car exclusively so that it gets the full 100% attention.

I would like to invite you to make an appointment so that I can explain the exclusive options for your car while enjoying a good cup of coffee or drink.

The faces behind Ride & SHine

Serge langendoen

Saskia dudok

Arjan Kampherbeek




Albert van Baren

youri den otter

Esteban Gimenez riera


Owner Presto Dimensions


shop & lounge

Ride & Shine Detailing has a beautiful Shop & Lounge. You can sit here comfortably in a luxurious environment that feels very homely. In the meantime, we are working on your car, which will receive a wash treatment, for example.

You can also take a look at our shop, with products that have everything to do with the maintenance of your car.


Below are some people and companies I work with or whose car has been treated by Ride & Shine Detailing. If you would like to get in touch with these people for a reference, please email me.