Exclusief - Ride & ShineExclusive cars and SuperCars can cost as much as a modest house. These cars can devaluate rapidly when not maintained well or when not given the attention they need. Even the cars that are maintained well can be damaged when using the wrong washing method. One washing job with a dirty sponge or polluted water can cause sand to damage the expensive paintwork.
I see working with exclusive cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lamborghini et cetera as a privilege, either new cars or old-timers. Bring your valuable possession to Ride & Shine Detailing and I will make sure that it retains its value.

Treatments for this category of cars are big jobs and I compose them together with the owner of the car, after a thorough talk. I work with maximum focus and carefulness, so that I can only reach the best possible result. This usually costs a lot of time, because only time allows perfection. Depending on the choice of protection for the paintwork, a car might have to cure for 24 hours or even longer, before further treatment is possible.

I also possess the knowledge to advise you in the usage of the right materials to maintain the car yourself between the big detailing jobs without causing scratches. These materials can be purchased at Ride & Shine Detailing and I can demonstrate how to use them properly.