Exclusive - Ride & ShineExclusive cars and SuperCars can often cost the same as a tiny house. If these cars are not properly maintained or not given the attention they deserve they can lose their value really quickly. Even well-maintained cars can be damaged again with the wrong washing method. Washing incorrectly with a dirty sponge or dirty water can cause sand grains to damage the expensive paint. I consider working on exclusive cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lamborghini et cetera a privilege, Oldtimers also fall under this. If you bring your valuable possession to Ride & Shine Detailing, I will ensure that it is preserved in value. Treatments for this category of cars I thoroughly discuss and are put together with the owner. We work with great care so that I can only achieve the best result. Usually this takes a lot of time, because only with time I reach perfection. Depending on the choice of paint protection, a car may have to cure for 24 hours or longer (incorporation of the product into the paint) before further treatment is possible. I can also advise you on the use of the right materials to maintain your car as scratch-free between the major detail changes. These materials can be ordered from Ride & Shine Detailing and I can demonstrate how to use them properly.