Your interior is just as important as the exterior of the car. Whether you use your car a lot or not, it’s never nice when the interior is dirty. The entire interior is first thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned of dust. After this, everything is cleaned with a damp cloth and provided with a protective layer that does not give a shine, but makes the interior look natural again. The windows are thoroughly cleaned and can possibly be treated against fogging. This is especially useful in the winter. Any stains on fabric upholstery and the headliner can be removed. Cigarette smell, dog smell or the smell of dirt and mold are very annoying while driving, especially if they were caused by the previous user of your car. A suitable solution for this is ozone treatment . With this treatment, an ozone device is placed in your car for at least 8 hours. The ozone device releases ozone particles that break down all organic pollution, including mold and bacteria, in your car. Even if you recently bought a used car, which does not clearly have an unpleasant odor, it is advisable to take an ozone treatment. This ensures that bacteria, fungi and other pollution that has ended up in the car over the years are broken down. After the ozone treatment, the interior of your car is hygienic, clean and fresh again, even on a micro level. To give the ozone treatment extra strength, I recommend that you take it in combination with an interior treatment. With this treatment, the interior of your car is deeply cleaned according to the spray extraction method, which removes most of the dirt from the upholstery. The possibly remaining dirt particles are then broken down by the ozone. Does your car have a leather interior? Then this mat can be treated so that your chairs look fresh and clean again. The leather scent that this treatment spreads in the car will make it feel like new again. Often there is damage to the entry sides of a leather chair over time. These are those annoying bald spots or scratches in the leather. These can be repaired and colored.