Interior detail

You are not comfortable in a dirty interior of your car, that’s a given. An interior detail can start with a thorough vacuum treatment to a very extensive treatment where I clean every nook and cranny on the inside of your car. Ultimately, everything such as the upholstery, windows, plastic and leather will be cleaned and treated.

Every material and component on the inside of your car requires a different approach and treatment. Car mats and upholstery can be cleaned with steam to kill the bacteria that can settle in them.

A well-cleaned interior prevents unpleasant and dirty odors and is healthier to stay in during your car journeys. If you suffer from really bad odors in the car, we can treat the interior with ozone to remove it for good. An extensive interior detail can sometimes take more than a day depending on what needs to be done. It is also possible to repair entry-level damage to the cheeks of the chair.

Leather requires a different approach and must undergo a careful deep cleaning and then be cared for with a leather dressing that prevents drying out. It is also possible to coat the leather with a Modesta Leather Coating for long-lasting protection*

* If you opt for a Modesta leather coating, the surcharge depends on the interior of the car, starting at €295.00 excl. VAT.